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The world of work is always changing, as technology and the needs of the workforce evolve. We're staying on top of the latest workforce transformations to provide you actionable insights into better ways to work and help you achieve what you are working for.

Designing Workflows That Promote Insight

Workforce management systems contain a wealth of employee and business data. The question often is, how can you best use this data for budgeting, scheduling, forecasting, and other strategic planning?

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Transforming Your People Strategy

The people who make up your business are critical to your success. Every organization needs to design a talent strategy that is right for both their business and their people. Which best practices and current trends can help you respond to the changes in the labor market and bring value to your business?

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Evolving Expectation in the World of Pay

More than three-quarters of workers use mobile, electronic, and on-demand payment. How can employers respond with personalized, flexible, and tech-driven pay options that drive employee engagement and business growth?

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