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The benefits landscape has shifted dramatically over the last few years. Market uncertainty. Increased competition. Commission compression. The amount of noise that exists in the marketplace makes it extremely difficult to have your message heard. As a result, it is more crucial than ever to differentiate your firm to win market share and retain your clients.

Differentiate your firm by partnering with ADP

The brokers who are thriving today are rebranding themselves as trusted human capital management consultants in areas such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), technology, and HR/Benefits strategies-and that transition requires the right partner. Partnering with ADP can help you stand out in the marketplace and grow your business by:

  • Bringing a complete HCM solution to your clients
  • Providing a comprehensive diagnostic through our unique diagnostic tool
  • Impacting your both top and bottom line

Expand your product offering with a single partner: ADP

Every client is different, so you provide direction, advice, and strategy based on what they need. But to truly implement and deliver on that strategy, you need a partner that can offer the right solution at the right time as well. ADP's depth and breadth of services enables you to recommend one company to address virtually every solution. ADP offers solutions based on all 5 Human Capital Management platforms that the marketplace has landed on. You don't need to look anywhere else for a solution.

Leverage ADP’s unique approach to business and impact your clients financial statements like never before

ADP’s diagnostic tool is a systematic, methodical, proven approach that provides a financial and functional analysis of a company’s total cost of ownership (TCO) of their people. Even more importantly, 78% of all midsized businesses have never completed an in-depth analysis of TCO1. Partnering with ADP allows you to leverage this unique tool to analyze all eight pillars of HCM and along with ADP make strategic recommendations based on their results.

Grow your top and bottom line

Combining ADP's breadth of services, unique approach and standard methodology with your process, you can now offer a complete HCM solution which can have a significant financial impact on your firm. The ability to offer a complete HCM solution can help get you grow your client base. Partnering with ADP provides you the ability to leverage our knowledge, expertise and insights that you can share with your clients and differentiate your firm from the competition. These benefits can impact the bottom line as well by helping retain clients by providing them access to enhanced products and services as well as a complete HCM solution. No other partner can help you grow your business this way.

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1 ADP Research Institute®, The Importance of Total Cost of Ownership: How Midsized Companies Can Find Competitive Advantage, 2014

Stand out and work smarter with ADP Partner Access.

You need want go above and beyond for your clients-and save time, too. ADP Partner Access makes it incredibly easy to manage all your clients who are using ADP Workforce Now, and provide them with greater value. Through the Partner Access portal, you can:

  • Gain efficiency with secure single sign-on
  • Access benchmarking data to inform recommendations
  • Minimize manual work by deploying benefit plans across multiple clients
  • Differentiate your business with exclusive tools and resources

To learn more, download the Partner Access datasheet ›

Tools and Resources for Health Benefits Brokers

Health Care Reform
Track Affordable Care Act (ACA), deadlines, changes and updates.

ACA Risk Snapshot
Get a free white paper on how to calculate the risks your organization faces with health care reform.

Eye On Washington: Legislative Updates
Stay up-to-date on the latest legislative developments with analysis from ADP's experts on payroll, tax, and compliance.

ADP Research Institute®
Access the definitive source of exclusive, data-driven research and insights on the working world.

HCM Diagnostic
Struggling with compliance, ACA and government regulations?
Call 855-237-2651 for our no-cost, no-obligation diagnostic.

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