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Build stronger businesses with ADP® payroll and HR solutions for member organizations

ADP helps small businesses of all industries and sizes minimize cost, maximize efficiency and meet the demands of today's workforce. Through our member organization program, associations, buying groups and group purchasing organizations can offer powerful yet affordable payroll, compliance and HR solutions to member companies, so they can save time, save money and get back to doing business.

Partner with ADP to attract, support and retain your membership base

As a member organization, your role is to help support your members grow and sustain their businesses. ADP can help with best-in-class payroll, compliance and HR solutions for member organizations — and so much more. ADP brings a high level of financial stability, experience and expertise to you and your members, with relationships structured around:

  • Partnership: ADP is the proven and preferred partner for payroll, compliance and HR solutions for member organizations. We know first-hand the challenges your members face, from concerns about cash flow and being buried under administrative burdens, to finding and retaining good talent and maintaining compliance, and are here to support them every step of the way.
  • Protection: ADP helps protect businesses by providing easy to use payroll, compliance and HR solutions for members backed by 24/7/365 client support.* With unmatched payroll, tax and compliance expertise, we help your members manage their risk and avoid costly compliance mistakes.
  • Promotion: ADP helps market and promote our payroll, compliance and HR solutions to your members through a variety of high-touch channels, such as webinars, trainings, newsletters and co-branded communications. We also provide you with valuable research, insights and resources to share with your members.

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Take advantage of ADP’s payroll, compliance and HR solutions for member companies

At ADP, we work with your member organization to provide payroll, HR, tax, time and benefits solutions that are tailored to you and your industry, saving you the hassle that can come with choosing a payroll, compliance and HR partner.

ADP’s industry-leading payroll, compliance and HR solutions for members help you:

  • Manage cash flow with payment solutions like direct deposit and Paycards, and mobile solutions that give you the ability to run payroll from anywhere, anytime
  • Minimize compliance challenges by staying on top of changing payroll tax and labor regulations, with multiple locations, states and local taxes managed from one portal
  • Reduce administrative burden and better manage your people with time and attendance, hiring and HR solutions, so you can maximize staff productivity and re-focus your energy on building your business
  • Save money with preferred pricing on payroll, HR and tax services, as well as easy add-ons like workers’ compensation premium payment program**, health and benefits, and retirement services for members based on your member organization’s existing relationship with ADP
  • Grow your business with access to valuable tools and resources from the leading thinkers in payroll, compliance and HR solutions for members
  • Gain access to 24/7/365 client service to support your business’s payroll, compliance and HR needs*

ADP Member Organization Partners
  • BizUnite
  • AAA
  • American Home Owners Association
  • UPG

Resources for Member Organizations & Members
Small Business Insights
Access to the latest payroll, compliance and HR best practices, tools and resources specifically for small businesses.
Health Care Reform Insights
Track Affordable Care Act (ACA) deadlines, changes and updates as they happen.
ADP HR Solution Center
As an ADP clients, get tips and tricks for managing your greatest asset — your people.

* 24/7/365 Service is exclusively available for RUN Powered by ADP®

** This information covers only the offering of the Pay-by-Pay Premium Payment Program for Workers' Compensation payroll features of ADP's payroll processing services and does not involve the offer or sale of any insurance products. All insurance products will be offered and sold only through the licensed agents of Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc. or its licensed insurance partners. Certain services may not be available in all states. Clients must be using ADP's tax filing service to take advantage of the Premium Payment program.

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