Time and Labor Solutions and Online Time Clocks for Midsized Businesses

Time and labor tracking is an essential part of your overall payroll and HR strategy. Accurate payroll starts the moment your employees clock in. And when combined with powerful scheduling tools, an automated time and labor management solution can help you better manage labor costs, simplify compliance, and boost productivity.

Get insight on your staff to help control costs.

Labor is likely your biggest business cost. You need to better understand your staffing needs and plan accordingly - while providing transparency and flexibility for your staff. Our tools help you manage overtime, absences, overstaffing, understaffing, and the use of premium labor. Your employees get real-time, mobile access to their schedules, hours worked, and vacation balances.

Get peace of mind on compliance.

As your business grows, so can your risk in regards to wage and hour compliance, as well as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We help you be more proactive, whether it's planning for new overtime limits, managing FLSA requirements, or understanding who is about to become eligible for health care benefits. Our time and labor software is configurable to fit your unique policies so you can adapt to rapidly changing legislation. What's more, ADP can even take on more configuration and implementation tasks as your needs change. That's why Gartner named ADP a top provider in the 2016 Magic Quadrant report.

Boost productivity — and the bottom line

By automating time and attendance, you can reduce manual administration and get back to running your business. Employee self-service tools further lessen your workload, and empower your staff. And with automated scheduling, you can ensure you have the right people in the right place at the right time. Add access to the ADP DataCloud to get deeper meaningful insights and data visualization to help you identify trends and manage labor more effectively.

Manage and optimize the talent you already have.

Time and attendance is a great way to identify trends - and opportunities. While absence and tardiness can be a retention red flag, someone taking on extra shifts may be a rising star in your organization. Tracking everyday time and attendance helps provide a 360-view of internal candidates when it comes to their performance, growth opportunities, and succession planning.

Time and labor advisors you can rely on.

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