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Affordable Care Act  - Manage Health Care Reform Compliance Issues with ADP

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a highly complex, ever-evolving piece of legislation with serious financial and HR implications for organizations that can't, or don't, comply. Many employers are confused or unclear about how the ACA will impact their business. But it will - in a big way. The good news is: ADP can help.

A fully integrated approach to ACA compliance

ADP offers the most comprehensive Health Care Reform Management solution on the market to help you manage crucial elements of ACA, including determining eligibility, assessing affordability, and providing a critical Regulatory Management solution that helps identify and address compliance issues before they become a problem.

It starts with:

  • World-class compliance expertise to manage demanding ACA regulations and reporting requirements
  • Seamless systems integration across all your HCM functions — Payroll, Benefits, Time & Attendance and Leave Administration — to help spot vulnerabilities, strengthen security and reduce administrative burden
  • A 360-view into all HCM functions, empowering functional departments to work together and share workforce intelligence
  • A complete view of real-time employee metrics across a single platform to help respond to all elements of the ACA and enable forward-looking strategic business decisions

We’re ready when you are.

The ACA will require your current HCM systems to integrate and communicate with each other in unprecedented ways, as well as to report and record massive amounts of data in a secure environment. Employers that wait to implement and test the sophisticated and integrated systems necessary to comply with ACA may find it's too late to avoid penalties. That's where ADP comes in. We're ready to help you develop and implement your Affordable Care Act strategy today.

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