Human Capital Management

The complexity of Human
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ADP delivers all the aspects of
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Human Capital Management

Your workforce helps you earn money. But it's also costing you a ton of money. So here's the million dollar question: how can you maximize the value of your people and minimize what you spend on managing them?

Complex HR Management challenges are our specialty

There’s nothing worse than knowing you’ve got problems to solve, but not knowing where to start. Start with us. We love rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. Count on us to bring all of the major components of HCM together – payroll servicestalent managementhuman resources managementtime and attendance, and benefits administration – and deliver them as a unified and integrated solution for companies doing business in the U.S. and beyond.

Connect payroll, HR, and benefits administration to unlock new business opportunities

The answer is Human Capital Management (HCM). ADP's HCM services can:

  • Streamline your HCM with an all-in-one solution delivered by a reliable partner
  • Enhance your ability to comply with Health Care Reform requirements
  • Help reduce administrative burdens and human resources management overhead through automation and outsourcing
  • Connect your workforce goals to your corporate goals with a customized plan of action
  • Provide a solution that adapts to whatever technology platform you’re currently using
  • Help meet the complexity, confusion and compliance challenges associated with the Affordable Care Act with an effective Health Care Reform Management strategy

We're the world's largest global Saas provider of enterprise software. 80 countries. 18 million users. Pursuit of a company-wide HCM strategy takes an enormous investment. We get it. But we don't think it should also be a leap of faith. Let us show you how the right software plus service means you'll get HCM right the first time - or fix what you didn't get right the first time - and start seeing the benefits right away.

We’re ready when you are

It's one thing to decide to do HCM. It's another thing to do HCM right. When you're ready, tap into our HCM expertise and start profiting from your people.

Take the first step, and see what HCM can do for your business.

  • ADP Worldwide Services
    Whether you operate in multiple countries or just one, we can provide local expertise to support your global workforce strategy.



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Human Capital Management