Tax and Compliance Services

Trust ADP expertise in employment-related tax and payment compliance matters to offer industry-leading outsourcing services that complement your existing payroll, HR and ERP systems. ADP Tax and Compliance solutions are designed to help minimize employment-related tax and payment compliance risk and help improve process efficiencies, while also helping to reduce taxes and other expenses.

ADP Tax and Compliance solutions are your ticket to simplification, efficiency and risk mitigation.

Health Care

Stabilize your approach to ACA compliance with the health care module.

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Gain the clarity and confidence you need to help make the key decisions touched by this law, you’ll get the expansive support you need to stay focused on driving business growth—likely without incurring undue costs or taking on unnecessary risk—and you will have an approach that helps you stay compliant and make decisions even as regulations and your business needs evolve.

Employment Tax

Simplify Payroll Tax Compliance and Help Minimize Risk for In-house Payroll with the Employment Tax module.

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The Employment Tax module helps minimize your employment-related compliance risk through ADP's comprehensive controls and proven accuracy. ADP pays one in six U.S. workers and 33 million people worldwide. We harness this experience to help manage your entire federal, state, and local tax process effectively - from filing and reconciling payroll taxes, to responding to agency inquiries on your behalf. The Employment Tax module is a comprehensive solution:

  • Preparing and submitting all returns and reconciliation reports
  • Single data file used for employer and employee W-2s
  • Supporting virtually all major enterprise resource planning (ERP) interfaces, with online reporting and research
  • Filing amended returns through automated systems
  • Staying abreast of changing tax laws and requirements to help reduce risk of non-compliance

Tax Credits

Help Lower Your Effective Tax Rate and Reduce Burden on Your Staff with the Tax Credits module.

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The Tax Credits module helps your business maximize the identification, capture and defense of tax credits and incentives. These include both federal and state tax credits and incentives, such as the Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and enterprise zone programs in Florida and New York.

ADP simplifies the process of screening newly hired employees for tax credit eligibility via the Internet, mail, or phone, helping to reduce your administrative burden while helping to increase compliance rates. Use ADP Tax Credit Services to:

  • Help lower your effective tax rate
  • Get Federal WOTC, Welfare-to-Work (WtW), Empowerment Zones/Renewal Communities (EZ/RC), state point-of-hire, and job creation credits without the administrative hassle
  • Help reduce administrative burden often associated with lucrative tax credit programs

Wage Garnishments

Balance Risk, Compliance, Cost and Efficiencies for Garnishments with the Wage Garnishments module.

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Processing garnishments can be a heavy administrative undue burden on your staff. ADP manages wage garnishments from start to finish and helps you avoid potential monetary exposure. From garnishment order handling and processing to disbursement and delivery of notification letters, ADP helps free your staff from burdensome tasks and delivers reliable results.

  • Help cut time, money spent processing e-IWOs; help comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and Electronic Transfer (EFT) requirements
  • Help limit fraud with secure file transmission between the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement and ADP
  • Reduce paper-based processes

Unemployment Claims

Help control Cost, Maximize Human Capital Effectiveness and Mitigate Risk with the Unemployment Claims module.

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ADP helps lower State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) expenses by managing the entire claims process. ADP helps reduce the chance of benefit charge errors, helps to ensure you are assigned the correct SUI rates, and proactively analyzes and helps manage your SUI costs.

  • Help cut exposure to unwarranted claims, errors, and fraud
  • Help reduce costs by making better termination decisions
  • Take advantage of money-saving options
  • Help eliminate time-consuming duplication of effort
  • Leverage ADP’s proven expertise in handling protests and appeals

Employment Verification

Save time and money by utilizing the Employment Verification module to respond automatically to requests for income and employer verification.

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ADP provides an outsourced solution that helps to enable businesses to better manage the sensitive and time-consuming task of commercial employment and income verifications as well as social service, immigration, and Workers' Compensation verifications. Verifiers can obtain qualifying employee income and employment information securely in seconds via the Internet or telephone. This automated process helps reduce costs for your organization and helps provide faster responses for your employees.

W2 Management

Improve Efficiency of the Year-End Income Reporting Process.

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The majority of human resources time is spent on repetitive administrative tasks. It's time for change. The W2 management module is designed to help provide timely and accurate year-end statement processing. A website is available to provide current and former employees with the ability to instantly access and print their own year-end statements, and our call center handles form W2 re-issue requests so your team doesn't have to.

ADP SmartCompliance®

ADP SmartCompliance® integrates with leading payroll, HR and financial systems to help expand your employment-related compliance capabilities and to help reduce risk associated with non-compliance.

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ADP SmartCompliance is a cloud-based platform of outsourced services that works with leading payroll, HR and financial systems and helps you maintain employment-related compliance, mitigate risk, improve efficiencies and drive growth. Its integrated capabilities help provide comprehensive compliance support for some of your key employment-related functions. Your information is also organized in one place to be concise and actionable.