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Small Business Insurance, Group Health Insurance, and Workers' Compensation Insurance

Choosing the right coverage for your small business is easier when you work with Automatic Processing Insurance Agency Inc. (ADPIA). Enjoy access to a wide network of carriers, and receive professional guidance from ADPIA’s licensed agents.

Through ADPIA, you have access to many business insurance options that can help protect you and your employees:

Improved cash flow with payroll and workers’ comp integration

As an ADP payroll client, you can automate workers’ compensation insurance premium payments to save time, have peace of mind that your premium payroll deductions will be based on actual payroll amounts, and improve cash flow with ADP’s Pay-by-Pay®.*

Convenient at-a-glance health and benefits policy information and administration

When you purchase your insurance through ADPIA, it’s easy to see all of your policy information in one place using the insurance portal on RUN Powered by ADP®.**

Easy-to-access workers’ compensation certificates of insurance

Easily access, request and view your workers’ comp certificates of insurance online, 24/7, when you need to provide proof of coverage for your workers’ compensation insurance.***

Time-saving online health plan enrollment and benefits administration manager

Free up your valuable time with our online health benefits manager, a self-service portal that empowers employees to view insurance plan information, compare options, and make selections for easy open enrollment online.****

Money-saving premium only plan (POP) for group health insurance

Help reduce tax expenses for you and your employees with a premium only plan. A POP lets your employees pay part of their health insurance premiums with pre-tax dollars, meaning your business can lower payroll tax expenses-and you can reduce Social Security and Medicaid expenses in most states.*****

World-class service and professional guidance you can trust.

Your relationship with ADPIA may begin with workers' comp or group health insurance, but the value you receive goes so much further. From helping you implement affordable, top-rated business insurance or group health insurance from our carrier partners, to providing you and your employees with excellent, responsive, licensed support, you can have peace of mind with a knowledgeable partner on your side. ADPIA is committed to helping you with your business insurance needs.

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* ADP Pay-by-Pay® is available to clients who have purchased workers’ compensation insurance through ADPIA with participating carriers and who use RUN Powered by ADP® payroll through ADP.

** The insurance portal on RUN is available to ADP clients who use the RUN Powered by ADP® payroll service. Only information for policies purchased through ADPIA can be viewed using Insurance on RUN.

*** Certificates of insurance are available for ADP clients who purchase workers' compensation through ADPIA and use the RUN Powered by ADP® payroll service. Excludes waivers of subrogation or any other special requirements that may be needed in a certificate of insurance. You must contact ADPIA's client services if your certificate request includes a waiver of subrogation. Additional fees may apply.

**** Eligibility for this service varies by state, region, and plan offering.

***** ADP, LLC and its affiliates do not offer tax or legal advice and nothing contained in this communication is intended to be, nor should be construed as, advice or a recommendation for a particular option or strategy. Questions about how laws, regulations and guidance apply to a specific plan should be directed to your legal, tax or financial advisor. Participants can save on federal income taxes, state income taxes in most states, and Social Security/Medicare (FICA) taxes. Employers can save on the matching portion of FICA taxes and federal unemployment taxes and on state unemployment taxes in many states. State income tax rules vary by state. Check with your tax advisor or CPA to see how your state treats a POP.

The information contained in this website represents the products and services available through one of the business groups of Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc. (ADPIA). ADPIA services mid and large size clients with various insurance products and services through its other business groups.

All insurance products will be offered and sold only through Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc., its licensed agents or its licensed insurance partners, 1 ADP Blvd., Roseland, NJ 07068. CA license # 0D04044. Licensed in 50 states. Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc. is an affiliate of ADP, LLC. Certain services may not be available in all states. ADP and the ADP Logo are registered trademarks of ADP, LLC. Copyright © ADP, LLC.