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ADP Workforce Now®

All-in-one platform for payroll, HR, time, talent and benefits.

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ADP Workforce Now® features and benefits

Payroll, simplified

Everything you need to get payroll right.

Pay on time, avoid errors

Accurate pay, deductions and tax filings. Online reporting and analytics. Built-in alerts and calculations. Regulatory and compliance support for peace of mind.

View on any device

Insights pushed to executives and managers through mobile — plus employee access to pay stubs and Forms W-2, time and attendance, and more.

ADP Workforce Now® Payroll for Mid-Sized Businesses

Experience payroll and tax filing made easy with ADP Workforce Now® Payroll, the best-in-class, affordable solution that quickly and accurately processes payroll and equips your employees with anytime, anywhere self-service access to their information.

Do time and attendance better

Time tracking, on the go

Mobile clocking with geo-fencing, and work schedules and time off that synch with Microsoft Outlook® Calendar.

Easy for managers and employees

Manage by exception, and closely monitor attendance, absences and productivity.

Simplify compliance

Automate rules, time calculations, alerts, audits and reporting. Manage leave cases and attendance policies.

Manage labor costs

Proactively monitor overtime and hours, correct and approve timecards and expedite payroll processing.

ADP Workforce Now® Essential Time

See how ADP Workforce Now® does time and attendance right.

HR management, transformed

Transform HR management from an administrative function to a vital, strategic part of your business. Automate and streamline these key needs, and more:

  • Employee record keeping
  • New-hire onboarding
  • Policy acknowledgement
  • Workforce reporting
  • Employee status changes
  • Compliance tracking and reporting
  • Tracking awards, licenses, skills and certifications

Reduce paperwork

  • Preconfigured new-hire templates
  • Integrates with other systems
  • Employee self-service

Better talent acquisition and management

Recruitment, screening and selection

Amplify your brand, culture and talent opportunities with a market-leading hiring process that attracts rock-star candidates right where they're looking - on your custom career site and across social platforms. Avoid costly mistakes with screening and selection to understand your candidate's background and ensure each new hire is the best hire.

Performance management

Automate performance management and reviews for managers and employees. Simple setup, intuitive workflows and customizable, ready-to-use templates keep the process moving with reminders and notifications that speed up the review and approval process.

Compensation planning

Attract and retain top talent with a clearly defined pay-for-performance compensation strategy. Control your bottom line, budget for increases, and reward top performers with a streamlined planning process that passes compensation adjustments automatically to your payroll.

Benefits enrollment, on time and online

Simplify the process for you and your employees.

Streamline enrollment

Easy setup and year-round support. Status reports with all the details. Electronic invoicing to your carriers.

Provide an intuitive experience

Online shopping-like interface for employees. Access to FSA balances, transaction history and retirement accounts.

Get cost visibility

Track and manage benefits costs — so you can save money.

Automate Affordable Care Act compliance

Dashboards for tracking and measurement. Annual IRS reporting. Concierge services.

ADP Workforce Now®: Benefits Administration: In Less than 90 Seconds

Simplify your HR operations, provide your employees with a great benefits experience and control your costs.

Executive and manager insights

Don't spend time digging through data. Let ADP's artificial intelligence identify and push relevant, location-based insights to executives and managers about their teams through ADP® Mobile Solutions, so they can:

  • Quickly take action to address areas for improvement
  • Engage in stronger people management


You need to attract and retain talent in a competitive market, so don't rely on outdated survey data to establish salary ranges for new hires or employee raises. Get access to the latest, most reliable data, and be sure that your wages are competitive in your local market. Plus, compare your workforce data and trends - like overtime, cost of labor, demographics and more - to those of similar companies.

Benchmarking powered by ADP DataCloud also aggregates and anonymizes data from nearly 30 million employees in ADP’s client base — for recent, decision-quality insights to support better workforce and talent management decisions.

Turnover Probability Explorer

With the Turnover Probability Explorer, you can take advantage of ADP's big data to help you identify the likelihood of future voluntary turnover. By seeing and understanding key factors that may contribute to your top talent looking for other opportunities, you can minimize guesswork, identify employees likely to leave and develop retention strategies to keep your key people.

ADP DataCloud

ADP® DataCloud: Uncover Workforce Insights Hidden in Your Data

From suggesting relevant metrics and reports to proactively spotting potential attrition, ADP® DataCloud gives you an unparalleled ability to put data to work.

ADP Workforce Now® features and benefits

Preview the most flexible payroll and HR solution you’ll find.

ADP Workforce Now® delivers the versatility of an easy-to-use solution that scales with you - and the convenience of an all-in-one platform that seamlessly integrates with all your favorite systems. Discover how smarter HR software fits you.

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  • 7 Dashboard
  • 8 Self-service

Say hello to easier, faster payroll.

ADP Workforce Now® takes the guesswork and paperwork out of payroll and tax filing.

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Run payroll in a few simple steps

Access key information at a glance, and run payroll with ease.

Add employees

Add employees with ease.

Automatically add new hires from your applicant tracking tool — no need for manual data entry.

Add deductions

Manage deductions with confidence.

Easily set up and sync deductions to payroll so they're accurate for federal, state and local taxes.

Run reports

Access clear and simple reporting.

Understand topline information at a glance and easily drill down into the details.

Improve accuracy

Improve accuracy with error detection.

Avoid costly errors and frustrated employees with tools that flag potential issues before they happen.

See data in one place

See all employee data with one dashboard.

See full employee pay data and history in one simple view.

Empower employees

Equip employees with self–service.

Easily access pay, time, benefits and more via desktop or mobile app — loved by more than 18 million mobile users.

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Simplify employee management.

Hiring, editing, and terminating employees are hassle-free with ADP Workforce Now®. Our suite of easy-to-use tools helps you save time and reduce errors.

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Make hiring a breeze.

Bringing new employees into your organization is seamless with our easy, step-by-step wizard. Employee data can also be pre-populated from your existing recruiting tool.

Edit records

Update employee records in a few clicks.

Easily edit key employee data— including title, reporting, pay, and much more—in one simple dashboard.

Terminate Employees

Make terminations simple and fast.

Reduce errors, and steps, with a customizable wizard that ensures final pay is handled, company property is recovered, and benefits or direct deposit adjustments are taken care of—quickly and painlessly.

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  • 3 Benefits
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Centralize all employee tasks in one place.

Save time and reduce headaches by letting employees help themselves with ADP Workforce Now® — the all-inclusive dashboard that includes time, pay, benefits, and more.

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Make time and attendance easy.

Employees can clock in or out, view work schedules, swap shifts, and even request time off from their mobile device.

Simplify enrollment

Simplify benefits enrollment.

Let employees complete open enrollment and update dependents quickly and easily.

Access pay history

Get pay statements in a snap.

Employees can view or download their current and past pay statements—even on their mobile device.

Empower employees

Set up hassle-free direct deposit.

Empower employees to sign themselves up for direct deposit in a few simple steps.

Empower managers

Empower your managers.

Let managers quickly access employee data, see compensation, and find emergency contacts. Plus, they can communicate directly with their team via group email or text message.

Keep everyone updated

Keep your employees in the loop.

Push important news to your employees, and ensure they are kept up-to-date with key happenings.

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All in one, not one size fits all

Do you have too many systems and processes for managing employees? Manual data entry, piles of payroll paperwork and poor integration across systems result in lost productivity and compliance errors.

ADP Workforce Now is a cloud-based platform for HR management software, where you can easily manage all of your HR functions — payroll, time, benefits, HR management and talent.

ADP Workforce Now®

See how ADP Workforce Now connects everything within your employee life cycle.

One HCM System for your US and Canadian Team

ADP Workforce Now® provides a unified experience to manage employees in both the US and Canada without having to log-in to multiple accounts. Rely on a single database for all of your data. This capability will enable your organization to complete a task for an employee in either Canada or the US in one system.

One Pay Profile

ADP Workforce Now® allows practitioners to view all employees pay information in a single dashboard view.

One Payroll Schedule for US and Canada

Practitioners can now set up payroll schedules for both the US and Canada without dependencies on either country.

Configurable, single-database system

Ideal for midsized (50-999 employees) and large businesses (1,000+ employees) across multiple industries, ADP Workforce Now was designed with direct input from HR leaders working closely with our user-experience and subject-matter experts.

The result? A unified HR software platform that:

  • Minimizes manual tasks by synchronizing data across different native components
  • Integrates with more applications and systems than any other human capital management system in the mid-market
  • Reduces mistakes with proactive error detection and notifications
  • Enhances security with ADP's world-class security and data-privacy practices

Implementation: Get started the right way

You'll benefit from the deep experience we have in every major industry as we help optimize the setup of your ADP Workforce Now account, based on best practices.

What does this mean for you?

Instead of having to depend on an outsourced third-party contractor with potentially hidden fees, you'll get the exclusive attention of our in-house experts. They are experienced with your solution, and will implement your account with speed and precision.

Service and training: Help that's built for your business

Tap into knowledgeable client-service professionals for the accuracy, speed and attention you require whenever you need help.

For training and in-product assistance, so you're quickly up to speed:

  • Receive answers to your product questions
  • Get the training you need
  • Access in-product documentation and learning videos

ADP Client Stories: Dedicated Service

Pia Saks, corporate payroll manager for Vanderbilt Global Services, and her ADP dedicated account manager, Christel Sheridan, share the screen and talk about the great partnership they have while working together to optimize Pia's ADP solution.

Who we work with

Join the growing community of businesses leveraging ADP’s powerful technology, expertise and insights.

The Boston Globe 50-999 Employees Professional & Technical Services Boston, MA

Jelly Belly 50-999 Employees Retail Fairfield, CA

KIPP Houston Public Schools 50-999 Employees Education Houston, TX

National Coney Island 50-999 Employees Hospitality/Restaurant Roseville, MI

The Bancorp 50-999 Employees Financial Services Wilmington, DE

Virginia Wesleyan University 50-999 Employees Education Virginia Beach, VA

Eileen Fisher 50-999 Employees Retail Irvington, NY

How ADP works with others like you

Partner Enablement

Direct access to drive more value

Enable your valued partners — like your insurance brokers and accountants — to access ADP Workforce Now, so they can help execute on your behalf, understand your company’s trends, and deliver more value for you.

Protect your business. Offer employees more with benefits.

Looking to do even more for your business and employees? Business insurance, group health insurance and retirement offerings may be on your radar - and integration with ADP Workforce Now is seamless.

Business and health insurance

When you work with Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc. (ADPIA™) a team of licensed insurance services professionals will help you select the right health and business insurance, including workers’ comp, to suit your business and employee needs. Learn about insurance benefits.

Helping employees be retirement ready

Retirement planning for your employees can be easy — if you have the right partner. Whether you’re considering a 401(k) or SIMPLE IRA, our powerful technology and experienced service team can get you going and move you forward. Learn about retirement services.

Awards & Recognition

G2 Crowd
Best Software for HR Teams

ADP Workforce Now® 2017

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G2 Crowd
Leader in Payroll, HR Management Suites, Core HR, Performance Management and Applicant Tracking Systems

ADP Workforce Now® 2017

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Interactive Media Council
Best in Class — Simplified Reporting in HR

ADP Workforce Now® 2016

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