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Managing schedules, hours worked and time off is critical for payroll accuracy and compliance. Time & Attendance solutions from ADP make it easier.

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Two months of time tracking free

Get help complying with COVID-19 regulations

Stay at home orders and COVID-19 legislation that expands paid sick leave present time tracking challenges for many businesses. That's why we're offering our clients two months free of our time and attendance solution with no implementation fees. This limited-time promotion can help your business:

  • Track and correctly pay employees working remotely
  • Receive the appropriate amount of tax credits
  • Comply with Department of Labor reporting requirements
  • Maintain accurate employee paid sick balances

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Automated employee time tracking allows you to get more done

Keeping track of time manually? Automated time and attendance software can reduce your manual - and error-prone - data entry and improve payroll accuracy. It can also increase productivity by ensuring the right people are where you need them every day. Manage your time and attendance with ease:

  • Have employees clock in and out on a computer, mobile device or time clock
  • Create, publish and manage schedules online
  • Track time-off requests, approvals and vacations

The best part? It integrates with your ADP payroll software and other ADP solutions, which means:

  • Data flows automatically between HR, payroll and time
  • People only have one username and password to remember
  • Time, pay, benefits and other information can be accessed from the web or a mobile app

ADP® Time & Attendance

ADP® Time and Attendance is a cloud-based time tracking and employee scheduling tool that helps control costs, improve compliance and enhance productivity.

Touchless time kiosk

New! ADP® Time Kiosk with touchless interaction

Equip workers with time & attendance tracking - without touching a device. The new ADP® Time Kiosk uses optional facial recognition to log workers in and voice activation to start/end a shift, take a meal break, transfer jobs and more. Available for customers using ADP Workforce Now® Essential Time and ADP® Time & Attendance.

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Online time and attendance software features and benefits

Improve supervisor productivity with a manager dashboard

An ADP team dashboard streamlines employee time tracking for you and your managers. From one convenient place, you can quickly:

  • See who’s on the job or if anyone was late or absent and adjust schedules to stay on top of staffing
  • Monitor hours worked and overtime to help control costs
  • Track and act on timecard approvals to avoid payroll delays
  • Quickly navigate to other supervisor tools, run reports and more to save time and maximize efficiency

Manage compliance with wage and hour regulations

Complying with wage regulations and hour rules, such as overtime and meal breaks, is necessary to protect your business from penalties. But relying on managers alone for consistent enforcement and oversight is risky. Alternatively, you can use ADP time and attendance software to help meet compliance requirements and track the data and documents you'll need in case of an audit.

For our Workforce Now Essential Time clients, you can add on Compliance on Demand, which lets you consult ADP's team of experts or share best practices with peers in our online customer community. This service also has a content library full of information on wage and hour compliance at the federal, state and local levels.

Time tracking helps control labor costs

Tracking and monitoring time is an important part of managing your labor costs. And, as you grow, this can become more challenging. With ADP, managing and improving your time and attendance process just got easier.

With employee time tracking and payroll reporting from ADP, you can see when people are approaching overtime and visualize the true costs of labor - including temporary staff - and adjust hours as necessary. Our time and attendance software also prevents employees from clocking in and out on behalf of others - also known as "buddy punching." An ID badge, PIN number or biometric finger scan is required for verification and geo-fencing ensures that those who are using a mobile clocking app are within a certain distance of a physical work location.

30 percent

You could reduce errors in your time-tracking by nearly 30%*.

*Total Workforce Management 2013: The State of Time and Attendance, Aberdeen Group, July 2013.

Manage employee scheduling efficiently

ADP time and attendance solutions make it easier and faster to create schedules that work for everyone. You can spot trends and correct gaps in coverage before they negatively impact your environment and employees have access to self-service features for improved productivity and engagement.

Workforce Now Essential Time clients also have the option to upgrade to Advanced Scheduling features:

  • Collaborative scheduling permits employees to swap shifts with other coworkers, respond to manager requests or provide their availability in advance – all from a mobile device.
  • Configurable work rules, such as maximum daily hours and maximum consecutive days, help simplify compliance with work policies.
  • Real-time cost calculations allow you to see how your budget is affected by schedules as you create them.
  • Skill-based scheduling helps you match people to the job based on required skills, licenses, certifications, languages and training.

Online timekeeping increases productivity

When you use ADP's time and attendance solutions, staff enter their hours worked using a smart time clock, a web timesheet or a clocking app available on a mobile device. The system then automatically calculates the totals and sends them to payroll, leaving you and your managers with just exception and approval tasks. As a result, you have more time to spend improving business operations and supporting customers.

Time tracking software improves payroll accuracy

Don't leave the accuracy and reliability of your company payroll to chance. ADP's complete "punch-to-paycheck" experience delivers fast, easy time tracking, scheduling and attendance management. Using it, you can instantly calculate hourly totals based on your payroll policies, including overtime, and avoid costly mistakes.

Employee time tracking with flexibility

Flexible access to information helps remove obstacles, creates a seamless experience and improves the overall engagement of your workforce. Designed with self-service options, ADP's time and attendance solutions works with smart time clocks, web browsers and mobile devices. This allows authorized employees and supervisors to complete time-sensitive tasks quickly, easily and in a way that works best for them.

More complex time management needs? ADP can help.

If you're looking past just time and attendance and want to integrate HCM, payroll, compliance and deeper analytics check out Workforce Management from ADP.

Time and attendance reviews

The most valuable aspect [of using ADP's Time & Attendance solution] regards the ability to see detailed hours and requests. Which allows for easier methods of requesting time off, and to calculate upcoming paychecks. Managers and upper management can approve the requests directly and makes it easier for both parties involved to work better.

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Time and attendance FAQs

What’s the disadvantage of using a time clock from an office supply store?

While time clocks are certainly better than handwritten or paper timesheets, they typically only record punches or timestamps. Someone still needs to calculate the hours worked, know how to apply the pay rules and enter the time into payroll. With cloud-based time and attendance software, a smart time clock records the information, calculates the total hours immediately and sends them to payroll automatically. ADP time clocks also offer biometric identification, which prevents employees from clocking in or out for each other, also known as "buddy punching."

Can ADP time and attendance software help us manage overtime?

Yes, complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and controlling overtime costs are two of the biggest benefits of online time and attendance solutions. Employee time tracking starts with proper classification of workers, followed by automatic and accurate calculation of hours worked during the pay period. Overtime rules specific to individual businesses and locations are then applied and sent for payroll processing. Managers only need to approve timecards, not calculate hours or apply overtime rules. They also have timely visibility into who may be approaching overtime so they can adjust schedules accordingly.

To what extent is employee time tracking integrated with payroll and HR?

Time and attendance features are part of all ADP HCM platforms. This means that users only need one username and password, the experience and design is consistent, and all pertinent information is housed in a centralized location. Employee data flows automatically between HR, payroll and timekeeping so there is no re-keying, fewer mistakes and more timely access to data.

Can employees use their mobile phones for time tracking?

Yes, the ADP Mobile app allows employees to clock in and out, view schedules, request time off and more. Geo-fencing helps ensure that staff members are within a specified distance from a work location when they track their time. Our app also has tools for employers, such as payroll, benefits administration and other HCM features.

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