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Keep ahead of continual change

Adapting to change is a constant requirement for competitive companies. That means an ever-present flexibility to evolve and scale is essential.

Through innovative platforms, ADP is turning workforce management challenges into performance-boosting opportunities. Future-proof your large business with a cloud-native, end-to-end HCM platform and services designed to work at a global scale.

All work is teamwork

Scrap the rigid org charts. Embrace the performance power of dynamic teams.

Aligning skills to constantly evolving work needs requires companies to be able to deploy, shuffle and re-assign employees quickly and easily. Visibility into team performance, costs and engagement are essential so that informed decisions can be made rapidly.

By establishing a next-generation HCM platform — one that delivers a connected global view of team performance while enabling local action — large organizations are able to learn, react and improve team output efficiently.

Drive engagement and performance

Diverse workforce, changing expectations — win the war for talent.

Compelling work, interesting opportunities and flexibility across generations - that's what it takes to attract and retain top talent. From how they're paid to how they work, today's workforce has a wide range of expectations - some of which didn't exist when most HCM systems were created.

Through data-driven insights and a flexible technical architecture, people can be deployed to the work that is most suited for their skills and given tools customized to help boost their performance.

Global compliance shouldn’t slow you down

Tame complexity with global reach and local experience.

At scale, compliance for large businesses is a maze of regulations, requirements, forms and filings that span cities, states and nations. Throw in differences between full-time, part-time and contract workers, then add the high-stake risks for breaches, and the challenges are daunting.

Balancing compliance with aggressive growth plans means being able to take advantage of best practices. With ADP get access to local experts around the world, and the flexibility to fine tune compliance down to the office or employee.

Turning big data into actionable insights

Use artificial intelligence to drive real-world performance.

Business travels at the speed of data, accelerating the pressure to convert analytic information into value - fast. That takes not only a deep, dynamic set of data, but the ability to combine, compare and manipulate it to reveal new opportunities.

It starts with building the capability to capture data at every end point, and then deploying a common platform to combine and format ERP, workflow and financial information streams. With inbound data pooling at a common place, algorithms can do the heavy lifting to process, flag and, even more importantly, predict issues and opportunities at super-human speed.

Flexible tech that changes and grows with you

Scale, adjust, customize and deploy with ease.

Change is inevitable and sometimes unexpected. It can be driven by internal or external forces. That means businesses need to be ready to move with the times. And that takes flexibility across the HCM ecosystem.

By combining easily tailored, rules-based platform configurations with cloud-native technologies, companies can experience greater levels of flexibility and efficiency including workforce performance enhancement and the peace of mind that comes from advanced data security.

Case Studies

Solving today's biggest HCM challenges

We've deployed advanced technologies and solutions that are yielding game-changing results for our clients.


Global HR integration & compliance

Sodexo partners with ADP to streamline payroll, HR support and employee training, empowering 470,000 workers in 67 countries — without the risk.

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Education Affiliates

Complex mergers & massive growth

Education Affiliates struggled with time-consuming disparate systems as a result of mergers and acquisitions. By partnering with ADP, they were able to integrate 2,800 employees into one comprehensive HCM solution.

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ABB Optical Group

Diverse and disparate data

ABB Optical Group gained access to a singular view of real-time data with ADP's HCM platform, resulting in a 20 percent reduction in employee turnover.

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Trusted by global business leaders

ADT Security 1,000+ Employees Professional and Technical Services Boca Raton, FL

Eileen Fisher 50-999 Employees Retail Irvington, NY

Hyatt Hospitality

Ruby Tuesday Large Business Restaurant/Retail Maryville, TN

Polar Beverages 1000+ Employees Manufacturing Worcester, MA

Bristol-Myers Squibb Health Care

Johns Manville 1,000+ Employees Manufacturing Denver, CO

Clarins Retail

Inform Diagnostics

HCM evaluation center

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A truly comprehensive HCM solution

ADP combines technology, data and expertise to deliver a solution that is flexible and agile enough to scale globally, deploy easily, and meet the unique needs of your business. With more data and experience than any other provider, we've built tech-forward, service-enabled solutions designed for today's global workplace.


Attract, employ, engage and retain the best talent, using tools and technologies that put the right people in the right positions to drive your business forward.

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From flexible payment options to powerful employee tools, ADP set the gold standard for payroll administration and continues to raise that bar today.

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Workforce Management

Deploy cross-disciplinary teams of full-time, part-time and gig workers, bringing higher performance to every corner of your enterprise.

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Get local experience at global scale with compliance tools and services that help you stay ahead of changing legislation and give you more time to focus on growing your business.

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Provide compelling options to attract today’s top talent along with the tools they need to choose and manage their plans — all while reducing your back-office work.

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Security & Privacy

With dedicated security experts around the world, ADP identifies threats before they become issues, providing enterprise-grade, always-on, global security 24 / 7 / 365.

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Advanced HCM anytime, anywhere

Designed to provide anytime access to secure and convenient tools for all employees, ADP's top-rated mobile app is ideally suited for today's dynamic workforce.

See how it works:

Advanced HCM anytime, anywhere

Top HR Product Winner in Human Resource Executive


Leader in NelsonHall Next Generation Payroll NEAT Report


Leader and Star Performer in Everest Group Multi-Process HRO Services Report


Leader IDC MarketScape for Integrated Talent Management


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